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Marcos Mataro Binantaang Babalian ng Leeg ng Ministro ng Iglesia ni Cristo!

Marcos Mataro Muredered by Iglesia Ni Cristo Hitmen!

Marcos Mataro Murdered by INC Hitmen!

Marcos Mataro Murder.

Marcos Mataro was a former INC Minister who converted to Ang Dating Daan and hosted the television program D-Xman for UNTV37. Exposing the foolishness of his former religion the Iglesia ni Cristo. He was murdered while waiting inside a bus terminal by the Iglesia ni Cristo hitmen.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Religious tyrant Erano Manalo of Iglesia ni Cristo dedicated this verse of the Bible to his Minister's who were toiling day and night in helping him earn millions to become the wealthiest preacher in the Philippines! but still he did not give them a sence of gratitude but instead scolded them flatly by using this verse Isaiah 5:20 = Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! By using this verse, he rebuked them by explaning that their mind is twisted by calling that which is evil, good. a perfect fit for his Religion's understanding of the scriptures.


JESUS CHRIST IS ONLY A MAN! This out of this world doctrine comes from the Iglesia ni Cristo church who is known for it's massacre of five PUP Catholic students because of an argument over a simple basketball game! You can look it up on the internet, here's a link:
Supreme Court Reports Annotated Volume 339, August 28,2000, The People Vs. Abella==
It all started with an altercation during a basketball game. Three days later, or on 10 March 1992, the bodies of MARLON[1] Ronquillo; JOSEPH Ronquillo; ERWIN Lojero; ANDRES Lojero, Jr.; and FELIX Tamayo were fished out of the murky waters of the Pasig River, filthy, bloated, putrid, and decomposing. Postmortem examinations on the cadavers showed signs of foul play.
MARLON’s hands were tied at the back with a black electric cord. He had lacerated wounds, contusions, ligature marks and hematoma. He died from a gunshot wound on the head.[2]
ANDRES’ hands were bound at the back with a plastic flat rope with four loops. His genitals were cut off; and he had ligature marks, contusions, and hematoma. The cause of his death was “asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic.”[3]
JOSEPH’s hands were “hog-tied at the back using a basketball T-shirt.” He also had ligature marks, contusions, lacerated wounds and fracture. He died of “asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic with skull fracture.”[4]
ERWIN’s body showed abrasions and burns. There were cord impressions on his wrists and depressed fracture on his head and at the base of his skull. He died of “asphyxia by drowning with blunt head injury.”[5]
FELIX had abrasions on the left cheek and tie impressions on the wrists. The cause of his death was “asphyxia by drowning.”[6]
On 18 March 1992, five informations for murder were filed before the Regional Trial Court of Manila (hereafter the trial court) against Juanito ABELLA, Diosdado GRANADA, Benjamin DE GUZMAN, Edgardo VALENCIA, Renato Dante, and Virgilio de Guzman. The cases were raffled to Branch 52 presided over by the late Judge David Nitafan. Docketed as Criminal Cases Nos. 92-104529 to -33, the informations[7] identically read as follows:
That on or about March 8, 1992, in the City of Manila, Philippines, the said accused, conspiring and confederating together with others whose true names, real identities and present whereabouts are still unknown and helping one another, did then and there wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously, with intent to kill and with treachery and evident premeditation, attack, assault and use personal violence upon one Marlon Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104529), one Felix Tamayo y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104530), one Andres Lojero, Jr. y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104531), one Joseph Ronquillo y Alepda [(Criminal Case No. 92-104532), one Erwin Lojero y Pascual (Criminal Case No. 92-104533)] by then and there hitting his head with guns, kicking him, tying his hands, [neck and private organ (additional allegation in Criminal Case No. 92-104531)] and thereafter throwing his body into the river thereby inflicting upon the latter mortal wounds which were the direct and immediate cause of his death thereafter.
Contrary to law. [Enclosures supplied].
On 25 March 1992, the informations were amended to include three other accused, namely, Joselito Crespo, Bienvenido Dugay and Danilo Abarete.[8] Upon arraignment all the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. On 26 August 1992, Joselito Crespo, Renato Dante, Bienvenido Dugay, Danilo Abarete and Virgilio de Guzman were dropped from the information.[9]
The prosecution’s version of the events is as follows: In the morning of 7 March 1992, MARLON, JOSEPH, and an unidentified companion played three rounds of basketball against the team of JOEY de los Santos at the vicinity of Dalisay and Lakas Streets, Bacood, Sta. Mesa, Manila. The Ronquillos won the first two rounds; but the third round ended in a brawl, which the neighbors quickly pacified. JOEY later went back to Dalisay Street carrying two pillboxes. A certain Donald Ancheta saw him, took the pillboxes and turned them over to a policeman.[10]
On 8 March 1992, between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., JOEY and his brother GENER threw stones at the Ronquillos’ house, attracting the attention of neighbors, who forthwith ran after the brothers. JOEY and GENER were overtaken and mauled before they were released.[11]
Between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. of the same day, WILFREDO Lojero, a certain Daniel, and the victims were in front of the Ronquillos’ house in Lakas Street, trading stories while awaiting a certain Aling Flor.[12] JOSEPHINE del Rosario was then at the corner of Lakas Street on her way to a friend’s house when the victims called her and asked her about her mother, who was a barangay kagawad at Bacood. They told her that they were waiting for Aling Flor to report to her that JOEY and GENER threw stones at the Ronquillos’ house.[13] Later, EVELYN de la Cruz joined the group in the conversation.[14] The area was then illuminated by a streetlight at the corner of Damayan and Dalisay Streets about ten arms-length away.
Suddenly, a dirty white Ford Fiera without a plate number stopped in front of the group. There were about ten to thirteen people on board. Among them were JOEY and GENER, who looked out of the van and pointed at the victims. All the passengers except for JOEY and GENER alighted. Their faces were covered with black handkerchiefs, and they were armed. Someone shouted, “Pulis ito!” Another exclaimed, “Walang tatakbo!” FELIX ran but stopped when shots were fired; he was hit with a gun then dragged into the van. WILFREDO Lojero, however, managed to sneak into the Ronquillos’ house and was able to see everything. The other victims were boxed, kicked, and also hit with a gun and dragged into the van. Before the van sped away, one of the abductors warned JOSEPHINE, “Ikaw huwag kang maingay, wala kang nakita, wala kang narinig.”[15]
Meanwhile, at about 6:00 p.m. inside the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), Sta. Ana compound in Bacood, ELENA Bernardo was waiting for Pastor Cesar Almedina to seek his advice regarding her son-in-law’s problem. Pastor Almedina asked her to wait, and she did so. She waited until 10:00 p.m. Suddenly the guard switched off the lights inside the compound. With only the MERALCO light illuminating the compound from outside, she saw a dirty white Ford Fiera loaded with passengers enter and park in front of the pastoral house near the path leading to the basement. JOEY, GENER, all the accused and the victims were inside the van. Four of the victims were made to alight from the van, while the fifth one lay on the floor of the vehicle as though dead. The victims were brought to the basement, which was at the back of the chapel and beneath the choir office. ELENA followed. Inside the basement the victims were continually mauled, whipped with a gun, and beaten with steel tubes, lead pipes and other blunt instruments. One of the victims was tied with wire. Filemon Garcia arrived with a blowtorch and also entered the basement. ELENA heard the victims beg for mercy. Unable to endure the sight she sat in front of the chapel and stayed for 30 minutes. Pastor Almedina arrived and told her that they would talk about her problem at another time. Afterwards the victims were herded back to the Fiera. They seemed almost dead.[16]
On 10 March 1992, at 8:45 a.m., the lifeless body of FELIX was found floating on the Pasig River near Beata-Tawiran in Pandacan. At 12:25 p.m., ERWIN’s body was retrieved from the same river at the back of the Sta. Ana market. At about the same time, the decomposing bodies of ANDRES, MARLON and JOSEPH were also fished out of the Pasig River near Lambingan Bridge.[17]
SPO3 Myrna Ricasa prepared the crime report and was part of the group that conducted the police line-up on 13 March 1992. Witnesses to the abduction identified the accused from among five line-ups. JOSEPHINE identified ABELLA as among the passengers of the Ford Fiera. EVELYN pointed to GRANADA; Roy Ronquillo and Noel Estorel, who were not presented as witnesses, identified DE GUZMAN and VALENCIA, respectively.[18]
Appellants advanced alibi as their defense. They all claim to have attended the panata at the Punta Sta. Ana chapel on 8 March 1992 from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., save for ABELLA whose attendance was excused. The panata is a religious practice of the INC held for seven consecutive days as preparation for the santa cena or holy supper. In 1992, the panata was held from 8 to 14 March 1992 and the santa cena, on 15 March 1992.[19] VALENCIA testified that after the panata on 8 March 1992, he went home to San Juan, Metro Manila; it was then about 11:00 p.m.[20] For his part, GRANADA claimed that after attending the panata, he left the Iglesia compound with Filemon and Marilou Garcia. The three arrived at the Garcia residence in Bacood, Sta. Mesa, at 11:00 p.m. Filemon and GRANADA had snacks and watched two movies on the video player. It was already past midnight when GRANADA went home.[21] GRANADA’s testimony was corroborated by both Filemon and Marilou.[22]
ABELLA was a member of the PNP highway patrol group assigned to Mobile Unit No. 13 in March of 1992. His tour of duty was from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. He was previously granted exemption from attending the panata. Together with PO3 Ferdinand Parolina, he patrolled Roxas Boulevard from the corner of T.M. Kalaw St. to the corner of Vito Cruz St. on 8 March 1992. ABELLA and Parolina parted ways at 10:15 p.m.[23] PO3 Parolina, who drove the mobile car, corroborated ABELLA’s testimony.[24]
According to former accused Bienvenido Tugay, on 11 March 1992 at 11:00 p.m., Major Joe Pring arrived at the Iglesia compound in Punta, Sta. Ana, with police officers, demanding entrance inside the premises. Since there was no order from his superior allowing outsiders to enter the compound, Tugay refused. Enraged, Pring asked for the names of Tugay’s companions. Tugay enumerated the names of appellants.[25]
The following day, appellants read their names in newspapers as among the perpetrators of the crime. Alarmed, they consulted the INC Central Office on what steps to take. Accompanied by Atty. Restituto Lazaro of the Iglesia’s legal department, appellants proceeded to see Gen. Diokno at the Western Police District Headquarters on 13 March 1992 “to clear their names.” Major Pring brought them to his office and hurriedly organized a police line-up. During the line-up Major Pring allegedly tapped all the accused on the shoulder as a signal to the prosecution witnesses for identifying them. Accordingly, appellants were identified.[26]
On 7 February 1995, after several instances where defense counsel questioned his orders and doubted his partiality, Judge Nitafan inhibited himself from further hearing the cases. The cases were re-raffled to Branch 35 presided over by Judge Ramon P. Makasiar, who penned the decision on 15 November 1996 convicting the accused.[27] The dispositive portion reads:
WHEREFORE, judgment is rendered pronouncing the four accused in these cases: JUANITO ABELLA y GARCIA, DIOSDADO GRANADA y SALCEDO, BENJAMIN DE GUZMAN y LABASAN, and EDGARDO VALENCIA y VILLANUEVA guilty beyond reasonable doubt of MURDER.


Mr. Erano Manalo of the Iglesia ni Cristo is being summoned by Bro. Eli Soriano for a formal debate. Bro. Eli even posted several invitations on the Newspapers, Television Ad, and through the Internet but sad to say,Mr. Manalo was nowhere to be found.If Manalo's Iglesia Ni Cristo is the TRUE church,then why is he hiding from Bro.Eli? Some of INC member's even pointed out that Bro.Eli is the one backing out from a debate and it's ridiculous because it's far from the truth! The truth is, there is no history of Mr.Manalo defending his church even his Ministers admitted that. Mr.Manalo is full of excuses,at one time he answered Bro.Eli's invitation for a debate with this words: "Makipagdebate ka muna sa Papa sa Roma" (Arrange a debate with the Pope in Rome first) which we know is a sorry excuse for a preacher of his stature! This goes to show how Mr.Manalo is lacking spiritual dependency on his faith and his stupid doctrines. Mr.Manalo is a far cry from the real Preachers of Christ who defended the church doctrines from all those who opposed it with fearless dedication and a sound mind. If this blog post of mine is not true and I know that the member's of Mr.Manalo out of shame will eventually disregard this observation. But before you indulged your worthless lives in voicing out your displeasure, please answer this question. Is Mr.Erano Manalo ready to face Bro.Eli Soriano in a debate? If your answer is YES, then where is he?

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ngayon, kung ang isang manggagawa, mga kapatid, sinungaling, hindi puwedeng manindigan. Kung ang isang manggagawa kakampi sa katiwalian, hindi puwedeng manindigan. Kung ang isang mangagawa siya pang nagtuturo ng katiwalian,eh lalong masamang manggagawa ito.Wala nang sariling paninindigan ay siya pang kasangkapan ng diablo. Eh sino ho iyang ganiyang manggagawa? MARAMING MANGGAGAWA NATIN HALOS LAHAT GANYAN! Hindi ho ba isang napakarahas na pagpaparatang iyan? Hindi. Kaya ko nalalaman sapagkat ang mga ulat na dumarating sa amin, hindi totoo. Bakit ho hindi naging totoo? Hindi sapagkat ang kapatid ang nagkamali kundi ang mga manggagawa ang siyang bumabago ng ulat para ilihis ang paniniwala ng pangangasiwa! Eh iyo ho bang mga tagapamahala nalalaman iyan? Nalalaman iyan ng karamihan.Pero nagkaisa ang mga manggagawa sa loob ng iglesia para LINLANGIN at DAYAIN ang pangangasiwa sa layunin nilang gumanda,kuminis ang bagay na marumi at ang bagay na hindi matuwid.Pero napakasama naman na ito palang mga tinustusang ito, ito pala naninira sa iglesia.NAPAKAGAGONG pangangasiwa, na gumagastos ka para sa maninira. Pero gusto kong masaktan kayo. Gusto ko na higit pa sa masaktan. Kung maaari ko lang DAGUKAN ang iba ay gagawin ko para lang maging matindi sa kaniya.Yung ibang mga kalihim sa probinsya, talagang wala eh, hindi abot ng kanilang kapasidad. Lalo na sa mga liblib na lugar, papaano makagagawa ng form yun? Kayong (eh yong) manggagawa ngayon,inaasahan ko na kapatid, heto mali ito, bakit ka mag-uulat ng hindi totoo? Masama iyan. Eh hindi, yung kapatid mag-uulat ng totoo. Baguhin mo iyan! Eh ito ho ang nasa tuntunin. Ah, anong nasa tuntunin? Akin na iyan, pag hindi SUSUNTUKIN KITA! Iyan ang manggagawa natin ngayon, MANLULUPIG, MANINIKIL NG KAPATID!Kaya ang iglesia’y naghihimagsik laban sa manggagawa sa nakikita nilang KATIWALIAN at KATAMPALASANAN na hindi nila inaasahang mangyari.Ano ang sulat sa akin ng isang kapatid? Baka gusto ninyong ipabasa ko sa inyo.Hanggang ngayon wala pa po akong nakikitang MATINO na manggagawa sa kasaysayan ng buhay ko, LAHAT ho puro TIWALI. Masakit na salita , NASAKTAN AKO… sapagkat akoy manggagawa rin. Pero hindi ko masita yung kapatid sapagkat alam kong nagsasabi siya, kung hindi man buong-buo na katotohanan eh NAGSASALITA SIYA NG TOTOO. Wla nang nagkaroon ng takot sa Dios na kahit isa para tumayo at manindigan sa panig ng katuwiran. LAHAT manlulupig na ng katuwiran! Bakit? SUWELDO ang hinahanap, yung TULONG niya, yung BAHAY niya, yung KASAGANAHAN niya siguro, ang TINATAMASA niya pero ang iglesia ay ayaw na niyang pagsilbihan ng totoo.Pero isipin ninyo dumadami tuloy ang ating form. Nagagalit kayo sa opisina. Pati mga taga opisina kinakalaban ng ibang mga manggagawa. Kapag nag-uulat sa akin, nagagalit!Nasaan ninyo gusto… papaano ang ating gagawin sa iglesia? Kayo ang maghahari sa iglesia? Hindi. TAMAAN KAYO NG KIDLAT AT KULOG bago mangyari yan. (kung) kaya sabi ko sa Dios, napakarami ho namang dapat BAHAING MANGGAGAWA, bakit hindi mo siyang binaha? PARAMALIPOL ang mga TAMPALASANG taong ito! Nadaig pa ang kasalanan ni Judas, iisang maestroang ipinagkanulo. Iisa ang nagkanulo sa panahon ni Kristo pero NGAYON LAHAT NG MANGGAGAWA nagkakaisa ipagkanulo Dios. Te’ kayo, tingnan ninyo, mga kapatid, iyan ang tagapamahala sa Visayas at Mindanao.Nagpalitan tayo ng mga matatagal na sa pamamahala. Eh isa-isa, lumalapit sa akin,dumadaing sa akin. Kapatid, mayroon ho akong problema. Ano? Yun hong nakatala sa atin sa senso na mga pangalan ng kapatid, eh hindi ko naman ho makita (dito) ngayon sa aking destino. Ano kako ang ibig mong sabihin? Eh ang numero ho eh napakalaki pero sa katotohanan ho’y wala yung tao. Ang Camarines, este ang Sorsogon, hinihiling sa akin na alisin sa talaan ang kulang-kulang na apatnaraang tao eh kakaunti lang naman ang kapatid sa Sorsogon. Bakit? Tinignan ko sa ulat ang nakaulat na malamig eh mahigit lang isandaan. Eh Ang aalisin apatnaraan! Eh bakit, ano ho ba ang ginawa nung mga dating naroon? Aba’y e di BIBABAGO ULAT. Pinakikinis para huwag mapagalitan. Samakatuwid eh malaman, ang sinasanggalang iyong sarili, hindi ang kapakanan ng iglesia. Eh iyon ho ba’y sa Sorsogon lang? laganap iyan kung saan-saan. Maski sa Maynila, ANG MGA MANGGAGAWA RITO’Y MAGDARAYA!Sasabihin sa iyo, (nabautis…) iyan ho’y nasubok sa pagsamba, pero hindi totoo. Eh bakit? Nakita Sa matatandang ministro, nakita sa matatandang manggagawa na iyon pala ang paraan para siya bumuti sa paningin ng pangangasiwa. Sila nag nagsasanggalang ngayon sa kapakanan! Pero hanggang kailan tatagal ang iglesia’y INAAWAY ng mga MANGGAGAGAWA, BINABAGABAG, MINUMURA, NILALAIT at PINIPILIT NA KAYO ANG GUMAWA NG LIKO? Saan kayo Nakakita ng manggagawa, sa halip na siyang magtindig sa nakalugmok, yung nakatayo ang Ilulugmok para lamang gumanda ang kaniyang sarili.Eh kung dito sa Maynila nangyayari iyon.Eh, eh di lalo na sa probinsiya.Lalo na sa malalayong lugar. Ay, tignan ninyo sa Mindanao at sa Bisaya ngayon eh,at sa lahat ng mga… eh iba, mabibigla, mababagong bigla ang senso ng Iglesia.Ano ang dahilan? Wala pala yung mga kapatid na iyon, sinasabi lang na naroon.Sino ho ang may gawa niyan? Yung MAGDARAYANG MANGGAGAWA! Hindi iyong kapatid. Yung kapatid, magkamali man, eh hindi sinasadya.YUNG MINISTRO, SINASADYA!Tumawag ako ng pulong ng mga pamunuan sa Maynila para sabihin:mga kapatid,tumulong kayo sa akin.Ayokong mamatay ang manggagawa; ang gusto ko ay pagtulong-tulungan nating sila’y buhayin, sabihin ninyo sa akin kung ano ang maitutulong. Ang sinabi sa akin kung anu-anong KATIWALIAN! Ang sabi sa akin nung isa; kapatid, tama ho ba na hindi ho itinuturo outline? Tuwing mamimili ho ng tatlong talata, tatanungin, o ano, naiintindihan mo ba iyan? Tama ho ba kapatid, bungkos-bungkos na mga katibayan, siya pumipirma, pinapalsika ho niya pirma ng mga kinauukulang kalihim at mga katiwala ng gawain? Pinigil ko. ni hindi ko itinanong sino gumagawa niyan. Bakit? Alam kong ang manggagawa sa Maynila, mawawalan ng dangal kapag nalaman ng lahat, siya pala’y MAGNANAKAW at TAMPALASAN. Maski saan ka bumaling eh, WALA KANG MAKIKITANG LIWANAG. Bakit? Kumalat, lumalaganap iyang espiritung iyan na DAYAIN ANG ULAT, dayain ang ulat, LINLANGIN ANG PANGANGASIWA. Sayang ang papel. Katakut-takot ang nagagastos natin. Binabayaran natin ang mga empleyado sa opisina, hindi pala totoo ang sinisiyasat nila. Dito ba magwawakas ang kamatayan ng mga ito? Sa tinagal-tagal ho ba ng iyong pagpapakasakit at pagpapakahirap, at iyon ang sugo sa huling araw ay dito ba lamang ba matatapos ang kanilang buhay at takbuhin? Kundi ang manggagagwa ang siyang lumulupig sa mga kapatid na gustong manindigan,tinatakot. Kaya nagkaroon tuloy ng paniniwala: ang pinaka masamang tao ang mag-ulat. Ang mabuti ang tahimik.Ang mabuti ang kunsintidor. Ang mabuti ang tiwali. Kaya hindi ako nagtataka, mga kapatid, kung bakit ang Dios pagod na pagod ng katatatag, talikod naman ng talikod ang tao.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This video will prove how evil Erano Manalo's Iglesia ni Cristo is. Just look at this bloody and brutal news direct from all the leading newspapers in the country. Plus it has a really cheerful background music so the relatives of INC's victim's wont suffer a heart attack, enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The True Nature of Iglesia ni Manalo

How can a popular and influential religious organization in the Philippines show their vulgar display of power? Well, let's say we were talking about the Iglesia ni Cristo of millionare preacher Mr. Erano Manalo. They can suspend your tv broadcast because some skunk-wit MTRCB official had obliged to their foolish demands. They can pluck you out from your good paying job because your a member of Ang Dating Daan. They can make you go exile to a foreign land because of a lot of ridiculous lawsuits hurled at your way. They can meet you up at Jollibee Apalit for a formal talk and then bash your brains out with a metal object and boast how many Christians they had hurt the other day. They can send stupid drones consisting of NBI's and Police with grenade launchers and full battle gears just to make effect the warrant of arrest against a simple Libel case, and then terrify aging widows in the orphanages. They play basketball with grave intensity that after a match, they will murder the hapless players from the other team, roast their faces, cut their penises and then throw their lifeless and mutilated body in the river. And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Well anyway, pls watch the recorded video of one of their Minister who lie brutally and flash a dirty finger on our audiences in national television and disturbed our Bible Exposition.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Rapist In Their Midst

I have a hard time analyzing the comments of a liar like this guy Daniel 'Puto' Veridiano, an excommunicated member of Ang Dating Daan. You can see it in his eyes, he was visibly disturbed by the fact that he owns a lot of horrible crimes that he commited inside the church. look at his comments when he was interviewed when he was still with us. He was all praises for Bro. Eli Soriano. But now that he was on the other side of the fence, which means the Iglesia ni Manalo, he totally dismissed all his crimes! No wonder this homosexual bigot was thrown out of the TRUE CHURCH because he was such a fraud. Now, he was hounding the media and telling them that it was Bro. Eli that committed those lewd acts on him! How come a guy (or gay?) with his right mind would tell the world that he once did those malicious acts and then counteract his own statements? This only shows that he (or she?) is dumb as a post. A fragile piece of Satan's arsenal to make a lot of people doubt the integrity of the True Messenger of Christ in the end times. Only his brain-dead no-life follower's would believe this kind of garbage, like the Iglesia ni Manalo did. Well, their church is our garbage can anyway. By trusting the statements of this scarecrow, Manalo poured a lot of piss on his head because they have now a rapist in their midst.